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Telstra disconnection without account protocol

I am really surprised at Telstra “porting” protocols. To give you context. We have new tenants that moved into the Granny Flat on our property which includes its own telephone line. They organised a DODO service to their property and as a result our home service was “ported” and disconnected. No telephone, no internet since 2 March 2019....still waiting.... first world problems.


We didn’t know, what we know now. No outages in our area so process of illumination we spoke to our tenants... they advised that they did contact DODO to connect. We thought a fault in our lines so contacted support. What is disappointing is that we contacted Telstra twice, both lengthy conversations whilst tests and such were conducted. It wasn’t until today our 3rd conversation that we learnt what “porting” was, explained by a helpful guy (Jacob) at Telstra. It all became clear as to what had occurred. We are disconnected from Telstra home phone and internet and I am appalled.


The result is our obsolete plan means we are going to pay more for the new service and whilst over the phone a verbal contract was agreed to, although no negotiations could be discussed because if we didn’t get a contract we wouldn’t have a service. 


Ultimately, how could this happen! When I contact Telstra and deal with my account, I am required to identify myself by providing Date of Birth, jump through hoops etc....  But, my tenant can disconnect my service without verifying my authority to do so! Worse yet, we will be paying more and have to hot spot from our mobiles to have basic internet requirements due to this enormous, Telstra protocol stuff up...!!!!  I trust Telstra reviews this situation... as how many other accounts has this happened to! 

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Re: Telstra disconnection without account protocol

You should lodge a complaint ......
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