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Telstra Is Dial-up

Why is it that Telstra run a business, that includes, providing an internet connection for its customers, yet it is absolute rubbish. Cuts out every 5-15 minutes. Cuts out when someone rings. When the weather isn't sunny, it's terrible internet You can only do one thing at a time, someone is using the internet, no one else can. I can remember a time when I was a young kid and I sat a the computer and waited so long for the dial-up internet to connect, I thought nothing could be any slower. Well, Telstra can have that title, of having the worst internet in Australia. Please, stop ripping off your customers and actually make your customers happy and not lie to then saying you have broadband internet, yet you only offer dial-up.


Thanks, hopefully you'll actually listen for once,

One of the millions of unhappy customers you guys have/used to have.

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Re: Telstra Is Dial-up

If you are using ADSL and it keeps cutting out, then it sounds like a filtering issue.


Here is what I suggest you do.


1.  Ensure that every PHONE/FAX/FOXTEL/ALARM has a ADSL filter/splitter.  The modem does NOT require a filter.

2.  Once you have the filters checked, unplug every PHONE/FAX/FOXTEL that is connected to a phone line.  The only thing that should be connected is Modem and it does NOT need a filter.  This is called an isolation test and is quite effective in ruling out issues in your own house.

3.  Plug each PHONE/FAX/FOXTEL back in slowly, checking each time if one of the devices starts to effect the modems performance.

4.  If you have spare phone cords, replace the cord between the modem and the phone jack.


5.  Incase you have kids, make sure that you are not 'capped' and have had your internet speeds reduced to 56k.


The phone making internet drop is a classic Filtering issue and hopefully can be fixed.  Filters do fail so just because it has one, doesnt mean that it is working.  Take the time to isolate your network, so that if it still has issues when only the modem is connected, you can call Bigpond Tech Support to escalate your issue.


The weather issue in relation to the internet speed might indicate some issue with the cable pairs.  Isolate the modem, call bigpond tech support, the guys are helpful - Ask them to perform line tests/Sultan test to see if they can detect line noise or another issue that interrupts internet data flow.


Good Luck



http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Home-Broadband/TG797n-v3-dropping-connection-every-20-mins/td-...  Read this also

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