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Telstra Live Chat

Can someone please explain why Telstra had made it almost impossible to contact a Live Chat operator? Why have they replaced it that ridiculous Virtual Assistant "Codi" which in most instances is absolutely useless in helping with queries?

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Telstra Live Chat

I’ve been trying to contact these totally incompetent people for weeks.  They started by double billing me , then when I told them I was leaving the country and to stop the service and to adjust billing they have just continued to bill...and still not cut it off !  The stupid chat thing is useless unless you care to sit for 6 hours staring at a screen ..no you can’t just “ go about your day” because the chat doesn’t pop back up when the bother to answer. 

The last person who actually managed to work out how to use a phone , promised me she would have it sorted and my $200 refunded.   Still waiting ! 

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