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Telstra NBN has been a nightmare

Ever since Telstra forced me to change to NBN because of an internal glitch, my internet has been horrible (we are talking about a year).


I have gone through ringer of trouble shooting and my internet will be good for a week at a time but always ends up back in the same packet loss type situation.


A couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to change back to cable with a different provider in an NBN zone without going thought the ombudsman on Telstra original stuff up?

2. Is it possible to check if Telstra NBN is just crap in my area (10 mins from Brisbane CBD)?

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Re: Telstra NBN has been a nightmare

Hi @team555 That's not good to hear, though it seems there's a little confusion there about NBN.


Firstly I can advise that the NBN isn't Telstra, the NBN is owned by nbn Co, and switching fixed services to NBN is mandatory for all providers in NBN active areas. As such it's not possible to go back to cable with Telstra or any provider at that address, this means you'll be connected via NBN regardless of your chosen retail service provider. 


For technical difficulties within our support boundaries start here: and if a fault is detected you'll be connected to tech support at the end. If we need to try some different settings or monitor the connection for you to see what's going on we can arrange that. Or if necessary we can escalate to the wholesale network provider to investigate further.


It's also worth remembering that not all tech issues you may experience are network specific. It may also be worth engaging an IT service like Telstra Platinum: who can provide assistance for a wider look at your overall set-up, and may be able to offer a fresh viewpoint.

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