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Telstra NBN installation tale of mystery

My story is this,

About 8 weeks ago my 90 year old mother had to move to a new ground floor apartment as she was no longer able to cope with stairs at her old place.


A request was duly made to change her home phone and internet to the new premises, keeping the old number.


A call was recieved from telstra (operator Mia) saying an appointment had been made for an NBN technician to attend to install the NBN service which was now apparently essential.


So far so good. Next friday is the NBN installation day.

About 3 days later a call was recieved from operator Cyril, who stated that he was going to arrange for the installation of the NBN service. On being informed of Mia's input he said, "this person did not know what they were doing, but I will put it right. Only I can do this" (he really was that pompous)


He also stated that no technician would be arriving on Friday as Mia had not completed any of the paperwork successfully! so there was no need to wait at home.


Because of this no one was home on the Friday in question.

Friday comes and I get a call (I am an authorised representative for my mothers service) It is an NBN techncian, here to install the NBN!!!

So I travel 15 k's to meet the NBN technician who then installs an NBN service and Telstra modem. Internet is now working. But no phone.


After several calls to Telstra about the phone, still no phone, no matter how many times the operator asks for the modem to be reset.

Two weeks later another call is recieved from Telstra. "we are going to arrange for an NBN technician to call to install the NBN service!!!!

I informed the Telstra operator that the NBN service was already installed and working to which she replied, that is impossible!!, but don't worry, I know it must be confusing for you, but we are going to install a nice new NBN connection for you and all will be good.


It was at this point that I informed the operator that I have just finished a 40 year career in Internet communications and networking, have probably seen more adsl and NBN modems than she has had hot dinners, and I know when an NBN service is present and operating.

To which she replied, no, you are mistaken. We are going to install the NBN!!!


A second Telstra Modem arrives in the Mail.


A week later and NBN techncian turns up and says he is there to install the NBN. I tell him we already have a service. He says, "I don't think so" (In a condescending manner)


So I show him!!


He says, "but you already have an NBN service"

Me: "Correct" Although I wanted to say no shyte sherlock.

He said, "I have my orders", so I have to install an NBN service" He then proceeded to install ANOTHER one!! Seriously!!!


So now at my 90 year old mothers apartment,  there are two NBN services, Two NBN modems connected by a splitter, two Telstra Modems. But no phone working!

What sort of a shambolic system is this that the NBN or Telstra cannot appreciate that there is already one NBN service at a 90 year old womans apartment and cannot take any other course of action but to install a second one within two weeks of the first!


The phone.....

Still not working after two weeks, so my 90 year old mother (who still remembers the old Telstra service and still has faith in Telstra personal service) decides the only way to do this is the old fashioned way, by going into the Telstra shop, so she maked the arduous (at her age) journey into the Telstra shop in the CBD.


Explains that the NBN has just been put on, but her phone isn't working. So they give her a nice new shiny phone and tell her to go home and plug it in and all will be well. Which she does, still not working! My mother doesn't understand that the green phone light is not on on the modem so it is never going to work. As I say, she still has trust in Telstra. But it seems to me that the counter staff took the easy way out and basically lied, just to get rid of her!!


Finally, after many phone calls and complaints, the phone is activated with her original number. Calls can be made. But there is a problem. Incoming calls are going straight to messages, so she never gets them.


More calls, nothing changes. Until she gets Wasim on the phone who says he will talk someone through ways to try to get the phone not going to messages. My mother tells Wasim that she would prefer her son to do it, so a time is made. 3.30 pm on the next Friday. Great.

However on the preceeding wednesday, she gets a call from a female Telstra operator who says Wasim will not be available but she will stand in for him. When informed about the person who is going to follow her instructions not being there she makes a date for the following day at 3.30 to call.


We never hear from her again!!!


Another two weeks pass. Phone still not ringing. Calls going instantly to messages. Everybody by now thoroughly fed up. My 90 year old mother stressed and upset by the process.

She gets a call on her mobile. It is Telstra. Congratulations, we are informing you of your brand new home telephone number as requested.

When she informs them that she already has a phone on with her old number, the operator says, no, that is not possible, but here is your new number.


Meanwhile the phone account is still being charged.


So at this point my dear old mum, quite rightly has had enough. She wants the Telstra home phone disconnected. She wants the Telstra NBN service disconnected (both of them) Her 50 year old faith in Telstra is shattered. Time to move on to another company.

Personally, I think it is time for the local member to be contacted and some questions about the NBN operation raised in the house.   I can't even make these details known to telstra in an online form complaint because they (purposely) have a very small character limit on their form.   Would be interested to hear of similar issues.



















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Re: Telstra NBN installation tale of mystery

Is your mother's health within the guidlines  for medical Priority Assistance? If she's eligible, she will receive an improved level of assistance 

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I'm not a Telstra employee.
50 + years exp. in radio comms., eg mobile phones since 1963, two-way radios, base stations, antennas & pagers. Expert in current Telstra Go repeaters & smart antennas.
"Being 75 years of age, entitles one to be an expert at everything!!"
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra NBN installation tale of mystery

Hi @Rd15,


It is not good to read of the poor experience your mother has had with the reconnection of her services at her new residence, I apologise for the frustration and inconvenience caused. 


Has this matter been followed up on since your post yesterday? 

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