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Telstra NBN order numbers start with NA, but you can't track as the site says the format is invalid

We are in a ridiculous bind.  We selected Telstra for NBN and have placed an order which has been confirmed by Telstra email.  As the order was acknowledged on 22 May, we thought we could track the progress.  The web site says that the order number, on the email from Telstra, is not in a valid format !!  It is impossible to follow-up an order by phone as the system simply refers you to the on-line tracking system and hangs up.  Wow.  Can this really be a "service" provider ??  Now we are getting Telstra emails referring to the NBN service as existing yet, apart from the single order acknowledgement email, we've heard nothing for weeks.  It doesn't seem to be possible even to cancel the order to give another service provider a crack at it !?!?  Are others experiencing this ??

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