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Telstra NBN Speeds Inconsistant & Slow



I have had nothing but issues with my NBN for the last few months but of recent days (2 weeks) it has gotten to the point where I can't even surf the internet while someone is watching something on Stan or Netflix. I shut off everyone from the internet so it was only my computer and it was down to taking 4 hours to download a 45MB file! 


I had issues with my old modem, which telstra replaced with a new modem, i have done the following:-


 - Reset Modem

 - Change Wifi Password

 - Change Wifi Freq. 

 - Reset Modem to Factory Defaults

 - Removed all devices off the line except for the modem


WiFi Speeds are unusable, and I have no ability to run LAN Cables around my 2 level town house to connect my computers to and I can't have my WiFi devices unable to work. 


Back in July I was getting 96Mbps via WiFi, now that's just a dream. 


I demand that something be done as i am paying for the Super Fast Speed and i'm getting not even 1% of that!

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Telstra NBN Speeds Inconsistant & Slow

Have you checked your link speed on the modem's line information page.


Gateway Max II > advance > broadband > DSL stats


Telstra Frontier > Advanced > Broadband


F@st 5355 Advanced > Gateway Settings > Dev Info > General > xDSL


If link speed is OK and you are using the 2.4 G Wi-Fi band you could try turning blue tooth off.



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