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Telstra Nightmare over and over

After constant outages with my ADSL through Telstra, my address finally got NBN. I tried to switch companies so I wouldnt have to deal with Telstra ever again but they told me there would be a large fee since I still had a ADSL contract.


I signed up for NBN with Telstra and they were supposed to connect my house last week on 7 July. It is now the following week and I still have ASDL and Telstra has yet to contact me. I just contacted them and after waiting on hold for 1 hour, they said their NBN guy didn't show up for the appointment. Somehow they couldnt figure out that I knew that already and the reason I was calling. Why did he not show up and why did no one from Telstra bother to contact me?


They just now told me on the phone, they would have eventually contacted me in a few days to tell me that no one showed up to my appointment. Is there a way to cancel Telstra service without paying a fee? I feel like their has to be a breach of contract clause that allows me to leave their Telstra without paying a fee.


Worst customer service and internet service.

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Re: Telstra Nightmare over and over

If you are under contract for an ADSL service, then they can still charge you the fees for breaking the contract up until the end of that contract. I'm not too sure about what happens when the ADSL is finally turned off, but that is usually 18 months after the NBN is switched on in an area. So your contract would have ended anyway.


The NBN is notorious for not turning up to appointments, so it's not too surprising. The communications between NBN and the RSPs is terrible and really needs to be addressed. They should be able to give Telstra, TPG,... notice that they aren't going to be able to attend on a particular day as soon as they know. NBNCo should also be given the contact number of the person requesting the service so that they can at least send them a text message with the details.

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