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Telstra Providing Incorrect Information

I am in the process of taking advantage of fantastic EOFY NBN offers but I'm facing a few unnecceassary barriers

My home as an existing FTTP connection with another provider using Google Nest Router

1st issue - Online order tool does not offer BYO router option. This is an issue because although the plan is non contracted if you leave before 24 months you are required to pay out the Telstra modem at $9 p/m x the amount of months left up to 24

2nd issue - When speaking to online chat rep to ask if they could raise an order for the same online deal with BYO router they tell you that you NEED the Telstra modem.. This is flat out false

3rd issue - The online reps don't seem to be aware of the online offers and getting them to confirm they will actually add the offers is borderline impossible


I cannot believe how difficult this process is. All I want to do is take advantage of the great EOFY offer/s with my own router... Am I missing something?



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Re: Telstra Providing Incorrect Information

The Telstra NBN offers include the modem and also a phone service, no BYO..  that's how they are packaged..

1. Use the Telstra modem to get the service setup and activated (including homephone) then:

a. Take the Telstra modem out of service and keep it as a spare or for troubleshooting and use the Nest; or

b. run the Nest from the Telstra modem..


2. Not exactly false - with Telstra, activation/registration of the home phone service is the final part of the delivery process. The modem is required for that component.


3. Correct, but if it isn't written on their cheat sheet, they don't know about it and the fault lies with whoever provides the cheat sheets..


But with all that, are the EOFY really worth it? Bear in mind that NBN provide the core services and the RSP just value add with the bells and whistles on the ends..  that's where they make their money, oh and in service but Telstra will likely gyp you in that regard..  Smiley Wink

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