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Telstra refuse to move my line due to the Covid 19 virus

Hi Guys 

I requested my business phone and internet to be moved (1/2km down the road) nearly 6 weeks ago and they flatly refuse to communicate, answer any phones and have disabled their chat lines!  I even asked NBN if they can connect me but they say they have no connect order from Telstra  ....I even tried requesting the order a second time 3 weeks ago and got the same text message from them saying "due to Covid19 there will be significant delays in processing requests"  So I now have not had any phone for 6 weeks nor any NBN (although they have said they will connect as soon as Telstra send a connection notice.  This is really pathetic and has done a lot of damage to our business .... I have already done a self install so only need a line connect .... I currently have to use my 4G mobile router to check email and communicate with clients... Surely they can do better than 6 weeks delay to issue a simple order to NBN to connect????

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Re: Telstra refuse to move my line due to the Covid 19 virus

Exact same problem but residential. 

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