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Telstra's address check wont work on my address

We had NBN NTD box installed months ago. Telstra Letter asking us move to NBN received months ago. NBNCo's letter saying act before disconnection received last week.


But when we do service check on Telstra's webpage, online chatting or call centre, they all came with an identical result which is Great! You can connect via ADSL. Obviously they all use one faulty system.


Address check passed with all other RSPs. Optus, TPG, EXETEL etc etc. Just not Telstra.


NBN location ID: LOC000079219245

 <removed for your privacy>


Someone smarter than the level 1 staffs have a look pls.

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Re: Telstra's address check wont work on my address

What does it say when you enter your address at

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Re: Telstra's address check wont work on my address

Great news! You can now switch to the nbn™ network.
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra's address check wont work on my address

Hi catbin,


Welcome to CrowdSupport


Appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding your address not showing on Telstra's website for being available for an NBN service. Whilst the roll-out and availability options are controlled and managed by the NBN.Co, Telstra must first approve and update the address on our end prior to being able to offer and connect a service.


Our teams via LiveChat at along with our dedicated NBN from Telstra team at 1800 TFIBRE (1800 834 273) would be able to check into this further for you.

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