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Telstra's statement of Internet service quality

Does Telstra actually have a list of performance standards for their NBN internet service that they offer to their paying customers. This is in terms such as percentage uptime availability, number of dropouts and other incidents  per day or week etc. and also acceptable jitter levels on home phone calls, number of telephone call dropouts etc etc.

The best I can find so far is a Telstra case manager saying glibly that 5 NBN internet interruptions (without a defined duration) per day is acceptable. ...Well, such an opinion might be acceptable to her, but it is certainly not acceptable to me.
I suggest that 5 interruptions, with say an average duration of say one hour,  would be completely unacceptable to anyone. It appears to me that Telstra are hiding their standards from their customers, or else they in fact do not have any standards to aim to meet.
Please SOMEONE, point me to the official statement of performance that I can expect from my Telstra NBN service (and home phone service on it)
When I can finally see their standards, I will be able to decide whether they are meeting them for my service.


My contract is with Telstra, it is not with NBN

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