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Telstra says no SLA for lead-in cable install??

I have been waiting for over a month now to be conected with Cable boradband connection. My wife is pregnant and are in urgent need of internet at home . I also work from home.


My order number is 37828424 , (Service request / Ticket No 1513831).


We just spoke with the manager at the lead provisioning team...and they cannot do anything... so hes just like the contractor will call us within the 10 business days sla....and they cannot do anything until then out of the process....even in special circumstances....they cannot share the contractors details....


I asked him so when they do call me on the 10th business day wat is the sla for them then coming to fix it...he ws like we don’t have any sla with the contractor...its all on the contractors availability...

I was like a company like Telstra has NO agreement/SLA with their contractors?..he ws like well that’s how we work...and you can check with the contractor when he calls you as to what the SLA is...!!!


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Re: Telstra says no SLA for lead-in cable install??

it's poor but true that a job that requires 3rd party contractor the standard time frame is 10 business days which depends on the work load of contractor. it may attend sooner or worst even delay for more than 10 business days. AGAIN, depends on the licensed contractor that does the JOB. 

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