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Telstra service and Broadband

Ive been a long term customer of telstra, had issues in the past but their service was improving......firstly i would make a comment about contacting support...WHAT A ROUNDABOUT NIGHTMARE.....I forgot how you  seem to run in circles.......Back to the beginning, I was having troubles with my net dropping out, as in minutes up then dropped, I messaged "support" and to be fair, I received a phone call, he was helpful and polite and worked out that maybe my old "fast" modem may be the problem...within a couple of days the NEW gen2 smart modem arrived (I was impressed)....I thought should I set it up tonight?? a part of me said "NO dont do it"...but I would not connect and I couldn't work out why, soooo.....tried to contact support again and pinging from page to page saying to go through the "MY Telstra app" my phones old and I thought...come on!!!

Gave up on the night and rang the 132200 number and was told i will have at least a 20min wait or they will call me back (I elected for the call back) and went to have a shower.....came out and had a missed call and message saying they called 3 times (the limit they would call back)....funny only showed 1 call?? so I tried again saying it would be 5 minute....after 15 I gave up again....tried again and while I was on hold I received a voice mail saying they called??......but I was on hold to them????

I played around with the modem for hours and still no GREEN light so no net, rang support again....waited and finally had someone answer.....told him my problem, but he seemed like he was occupied and gave me a lot of blah blah then told me there is an outage in my area and the net would be down till the 20th...and I should contact Telstra and get credits for it and that's why the new modem wasn't working (but i was on the net last night and thought it was a crappy brush off.....sure enough I plugged my old one in and BINGO...the net matter what I did with the new one, it wouldn't go off blue and no net!

Has anyone with the new modem had this issue as i feel like another headache is coming.

sorry about the rant, and I cut it short

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Re: Telstra service and Broadband

Hey @markmc if the new gen 2 smart modem has a blue light. That means it is running off the mobile backup and not actually running through the nbn. 

You could attempt to troubleshoot your connection thought here:

However your issue could be more complex which may require you to contact the faults team again. 
You can however check current outages here:

My suggestion; if there are current outages wait until these are closed otherwise the faults team will blame the issue on the ongoing fault even if this is not the issue. 

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Re: Telstra service and Broadband

While you have the old (working) modem connected go to the settings page & write the settings down.

Then connect the new modem & check it has the same settings.


The following link has information on accessing the settings page

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Re: Telstra service and Broadband

thanks for reply.....yes thats the problem, if its the modem they will have it as a last resort and point to everything else...we do have work going on (from the 7th till the 20th)....but as the support was trying to say thats the problem, then i reconnect the old one and im on air again......sort of points it back at the modem


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Re: Telstra service and Broadband

thanks Dowser......I will take that onboard

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