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Telstra Smart Modem and Voice Extender

The Telstra Smart Modem and Voice Extender I received in anticipation of the NBN being connected in my area, is nothing short of useless. Since connecting the kit and replacing the smart modem for my previous Telstra TG797n V3, my internet speed has dropped by 75% and I have not had a land line for over 2 months. My internet speed, after continuous days and weeks of testing, averaged 4Mbps, against a consistent 16Mbps on the TG797n V3. The Voice Extender, as advised to the very unhelpful live chat support team, is either faulty or a very bad product. Being DECT, it should have a range of approx 30-50m. When i get my extender outside of 1.5m I have literally buckleys chance of any dial tone. If I do move the extender closer to the smart modem and manage to get a dial tone, all it takes is for me to put my hand near the extender and that is enough to shield the signal and the line is lost once again. I have reverted back to my TG797n V3 this evening and am refreshed by the return of the 16Mbps and I have plugged my phone directly into my telephone point and have a land line again. This really has put me off considering Telstra's products for the NBN when it is available in a couple of weeks time. I have told them it's not my line that's the problem but all I got was that it has to be, which it certainly isn't. Even a requested line check has not produced any faults, so it has to be the hardware, which no-one has offered to replace

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