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I recently attended a Telstra shop for the first time in a long time as I usually prefer JB Hifi to assist with my Telstra accounts. Staff were very helpful and listened to what I wanted, as I recently received notices about the all new NBN will be required by July as ADSL is being phased out. Silly me deciding to switch over as it stated Upgrade. The 28th May I plug my new modem in and follow all the directions only to not have internet. Ring Telstra to talk to somebody with broken English who informs me they are in India. During the just over 1hr phonecall I proceed to do everything asked by the so called technical department with nothing gained. She informs me to wait 24hrs as the NBN technician will come back out. NOW: for the kicker this goes on for three nights only to be told that it will be the weekend and they need 3 days to sort it out. Following week comes round and now day 7 of no smart modem NBN. Each previous phone call has clicked over the hour mark so nearly 4 hrs of my time waisted and now frustrated as they are starting to take the piss out of me. I ring the not so technical department and as the underpaid employee starts reading from the script I hold him up and ask to speak with the supervisor only to be told one is not available (Brushed so this person can continue reading from the script). I am well and truely not having this so when he finishes his line I brush him off and ask for the supervisor. He gets angry and starts the script again. I tell him to stop as he needs to look at my file and see that this issue has been ongoing for a week now and they are taking the piss out of me. I get put on hold for an extended period of time. He tries to get me to do the same tests I tell him your modem and SIM card in the modem are dodgy and low and behold the serial number doesn’t match. Telstra have sent a modem to my house and couldn’t write the serial number from the box and put that against my account. I then get informed by this frustrated employee that another will be sent free of charge and instructions on how to return the original. We are now on Friday the 7th June. New modem arrives complaints department call (I’m at work like most normal shift workers and gainfully employed persons in Australia). Cynthia from telstra complaints who called Thursday night as well asked how the new modem is going and was shocked to hear like I told her Thursday night that I wasn’t at home and I finished at 6pm. I get home plug the new smart modem in and this one has less lights on than the first one (F%#k me). I switch it on and off a few times then factory reset and no improvement. Another call and this time I’d like to speak to the supervisor please (Get fobbed off again and asked if I am on speaker to which I reply yes as I am recording this conversation as I have the previous week). Call taker cracks the **bleep**s with me and tries to get me to run through his script which I have told him I’m up to speed with your script and have tried to do everything. He tries a remote reset which nothing on my modem changed. I get the **bleep**s with being on hold all the time and this call ticks over the hour mark I proceed to ask him what the serial number of the modem is at his end and after he struggles to find it on the system comes back to me with a random set of alphanumeric combination. Sorry mate that’s incorrect so Telstra have stitched me up again. He then proceeds to say I’ll send another modem which he didn’t say if it was free. I declined his offer and asked for his supervisor as I am either going to purchase a modem and send Telstra the invoice or disconnect my services (What Service) and go to Optus who at least seem to have their customer service organised. Supervisor gets on the phone and tells me to take the sim out and factory reset it which didn’t work either and goes on to say wait until the morning and wait until they call me back. I said that I’m going to the local shops when they open and I will be bidding Telstra fair well as it has been long enough for the fault to be rectified.

The overseas call centres might be saving them dollars but 6hours of my time on the phone since the 28th of May is absolute bulls$&t.

Will not be recommending anyone I know to this dogs breakfast, been with Telstra for years and hate ringing the 13 or 1800 numbers. Always a minimum an hour of your time waisted each call.

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity


Plugging the new modem in will not automatically switch you to NBN and the the new modem will not work on ADSL unless your correct Bigpond username (full Bigpondpond email address) and password have been entered in the modem. Did any off the support staff advise you to check this?


To check this open a WEB browser on a device connected to modem and go to, login I’d and password is admin / Telstra. Go to Broadband and check that username and password are correct in the PPPOE settings.

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