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Telstra Smart Modem Install Problem

I'm trying to install a Technicolor Smart Modem and Cable Adaptor onto my existing HFC - non NBN - cable setup.  Lights on the Cable Adaptor are four solid green plus flashing blue indicating good wifi. The front light on the Smart Modem is solid green also. The HFC cable enters from a wall socket via a powered splitter and is successfully bringing Foxtel programs to my TV. The cable from the splitter is correctly plugged into the Cable Adaptor but I have no internet connection. I suspect I need an activation from Telstra's end to get it working.


I have tried calling the help phone number supplied with the Smart Modem but it doesn't even get into a queue, just a recorded loop which is no help.  I have tried the online chat but that is automated and totally useless for my issue. The website won't accept my login details for some odd reason.  I've also tried the My Telstra and HomeDashboard apps but they have provided very conflicting information and have ultimately proved useless.  At times the apps tell me there is an NBN outage in my area (but I'm not an NBN customer), and that is affecting me, then they will tell me there are no network problems and I'm all good.  There was no outage when I unplugged my old setup so I'd be very surprised that an outage occurred in the two minutes it took me to plug in the new.



As there are four people requiring solid internet during this work from home period, any help to get back online would be hugely appreciated.

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Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: Telstra Smart Modem Install Problem

SOLVED!  After two days of solid work, I was able to contact Telstra by phone and have this issue escalated to a Level 2 tech.  Turns out that I did not get a pop up dialogue box when the Modem/Router installed. Instead, the Telstra techs needed to activate the new setup from their end, but with no one at Telstra answering their phones this was an impossibility.  Two days of my life I'll never get back, but with everyone working from home at present I guess its understandable.  Thanks Mark (Level 1) and Ruhul (Level 2) for your great help.

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