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Telstra Smart Modem issue or congestion



Over the last few weeks I've had constant disconnects when using my NBN service. No set time of the day or anything, also had big onsets of lag for around 10-20 seconds as if the internet is going to disconnect but it comes back and holds on. I also have a Telstra Smart Modem GEN 2, which also gets very hot and is warm to touch, also, if there are any vibrations/the desk gets knocked it will reset the modem as if its got a bad power connection. Are there any others with this same power issue, and have others had this NBN issue of constant disconnects, could this just be from congestion due to Covid? or would it be just a fault/bad modem? I've had my line checked by 3 different technicians in the last year, all of which reported that my pairs had been disconnected and stolen in the copper pits.



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