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Telstra smart wifi boosters

Hi May I have your help, assistance please. I recently purchased 2 pairs (4 units) of the Telstra wifi boosters, I've got 1 pair, setup and sort of working, when I which to that network, it keeps dropping in and out of that wifi network and mobile network 3G/4G network, is there something I've missed or is there a missing code in the software firmware, I am unable to setup the second pair as it keeps turning red, I was under the impression according to the marketing that 1 unit to be connected to the Telstra smart modem with 4G backup. Then the 3 others to be placed around residence to complete coverage, but it seems they are paired together and 1 unit of each pair must connected to the modem, that would indicate the unit "too close" and not setup. The only way round it would be run a Ethernet cable to another location, either solo or connect to a switch/hub at a entertainment centre or computer area using a wired Ethernet connection.
Are product returns valid if product doesn't match marketing documentation.

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Re: Telstra smart wifi boosters

I would recommend calling through on 137 587 for assistance for the product
I work for Telstra, but my opinions are my own and not that of Telstras

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