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Telstra Smartmodem Gen2 NEW INSTALL problems.

I have received my brand new Smartmodem Gen2 and Telstra TV pack. (Very Excited)

I tried installing it and understand that my FTTN connection is not booked for another week. (these things take time...)

So I was trying to set it up and assumed the Mobile Backup system would work as advertised and promised by the sales team on the phone.

(Sad I can't play with my new tech toy - family is disappointed...)

These are my modem's responses after I turn it on:

1) I get a flash of status lights on the back of the modem when I turn it on, but then they go out and don't come back on. 

2) The connection light on the front goes Orange (connecting) then a deeper RED colour.

3) there is no "BLUE" light and no MOBILE STATUS or signal strength indicators on the back. 

4) wifi is on but no connection as it needs admin password.

Does anyone know if this is an activation issue or a possible fault with the modem?

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Re: Telstra Smartmodem Gen2 NEW INSTALL problems.


Were you advised exactly when the mobile service would be activated by Telstra?

You should have a reference number for your contract, and you could ring Telstra NBN support on 1800834273 to check if you been activated.

If you have, try doing a master reset. The reset is to the side of the ethernet ports.

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Re: Telstra Smartmodem Gen2 NEW INSTALL problems.

Modems password is Telstra.

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Re: Telstra Smartmodem Gen2 NEW INSTALL problems.

Thanks, I will try that number - I was directed to talk to provisions this morning, but the operator I spoke to was in technical and wanted me to do the resetting and switch of and on again. There was no offer of a transfer to the other department. I will try that number though.

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Re: Telstra Smartmodem Gen2 NEW INSTALL problems.

I found that out on a few other posts, I am yet to try it though as I am at work. Thanks !

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Re: Telstra Smartmodem Gen2 NEW INSTALL problems.

Update : apparently there is a problem with the simcard or mobile backup system in my modem. It's been declared as faulty and a replacement has been ordered. Hopefully it will be replaced with a fully operational version. Not thrilled, but we have the nbn connection booked later this week, so it might be fixed later this week. Fingers crossed. 

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