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Telstra still hasn't fixed issues

Telstra has still not arranged a fix for our ongoing FTTN internet dropout issues and slow download speed. Initially a NBN tech arrived in dry weather and declared the issue solved ( a bad copper cable join 90 metres away) Days later it started raining again and we experienced constant drop-outs.


Obviously to me, the copper join is being submerged in a pit somewhere and the connection drops. 15 minutes after the rain the connection stabilizes. Cause and effect is a no brainer ? In my multiple incident reports to Telstra I have emphasised this point, but no one listens.

The NBN guy on the day did not take this information on board, it seems.

After my latest phone report to Telstra several days ago, my speed has magically been throttled to 12 Mbps from 33 Mbps, with no reason given by Telstra.


In fact, I can't get an answer from Telstra at all because they cannot be contacted. I have given up trying to phone them due to horrendous wait times. The chat feature in the Telstra app is all but useless, especially if the connection is dropping out.

Telstra has said they will message/text me/contact me, but they never do. I am stuck in an endless loop with Telstra.

Customer service is woeful. Ironically I cannot even contact them to cancel my Telstra services ! Perhaps I will have to resort to snail-mail and contact Head Office by post.

That's a bitter irony, isn't it ? Australia's major Telco cannot be reached electronically, but only by post ?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra still hasn't fixed issues

The connection dropping out should not make any difference in the messaging in the My Telstra app. The messages will come through when the connection is reestablished (plus it's not a live system as such, so there may be long delays in responses as the consultants are working on multiple chats at once).


Is the light on the front of your modem blue or green? If it is blue, then your FTTN connection has dropped out completely (which is good ironically) and you are on the 4G backup.


Getting an NBN Co technician to come out is quite difficult as you need to have performed all the basic troubleshooting tests before Telstra can put in an order. NBN Co will ten run a remote test and if they can't see anything wrong, will cancel it.


Go to and run through the troubleshooter and remote tests there (can be done via your mobile) and it will put you in contact with a consultant (who will be able to see the results) if it can't fix the problem.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

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