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Telstra support is non existent - Transitioning from Cable to NBN

I Have been having issue transitioning from cable to NBN,

order was placed on the 21st of march received the hardware promptly and went through the self installation, was told a technician would need to come to my premises to complete the installation and activate my connection on the 27th of March.

27th of March came and went with no contact from a technician or anybody at Telstra 

spent the next week off work to try to get in contact with Telstra to have the issue resolved only to spend approximately 3 hours each day on hold with the Telstra call center with different reasons as to why the technician never turned up and told just wait longer.

Due to Covid and the circumstances I can understand there would be some issues or delays but I have been given a different answer from each time I contacted Telstra.

First I was told my order was stuck in provisioning and that a form was processed to escalate the issue and wait 24hrs for this to resolve, waited 48 hours and still no change.

Another 3 hour wait on hold to talk to someone to find out what is going on to be told a technician was needed to visit onsite for this order to be completed earliest date would be April 16th, annoying but quite happy to wait.

April 15th came around and as I needed a day off work to allow access to the technician I thought I would track my order online to check status, track order states that the order has now been cancelled and no technician would be turning up and I will need to reprocess the order.

Phone Telstra again after another 2 hour wait to start the reprocessing of my order and got told it is still in provisioning and to wait a further 5 business days to be assigned a case manager.


I have little faith that anybody will contact me or i will be assigned a case manager 

I have tried the My App for support with no results, I have tried calling with no results. I have submitted a complaint and have had no response from that.

I am at a loss as to what to do now? it has nearly been a month since I placed the order and cannot understand why this is taking so much effort on my behalf to try to an accurate answer as to what is happening with my connection.


Does anyone else have any ideas on how to get actual help from Telstra or a way i can escalate my issue to a supervisor or manager level? I just keep getting the run around from call centers and My App agents daily and was even sent details about another customers issue that I was promptly told to please disregard!

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, also everyone keep safe and stay strong.

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Re: Telstra support is non existent - Transitioning from Cable to NBN

all ADSL to NBN upgrades are on hold for the moment ... to limit tech visits due to COVID-19


perhaps this is the same for cable to NBN ?

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