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Telstra support is so bad at the moment

I have used support before but it is so bad at the moment that the customer service is making me change my mind and go with someone else.


I have a Telstra Gateway Max Cable modem and have been having issues lately with the wifi dropping and I need to keep restarting the router.

So I’m trying to change it over to the new Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 and everything lights up but I can’t get internet.

I have pleaded this to the support of 4 occasions and they always say give me 10 minutes and I will get back to you and they never do.

I even had one staff say that they manage about 5 calls simultaneously and it is difficult. They sau keep the screen open and we will message you back. I have taken screen shots of how poor the service is. You can’t speak to a human. Surely the calls can be diverted to their homes as most other organisations do it. If Telstra can’t do that then there are real problems there.

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Re: Telstra support is so bad at the moment

If you are using the new Telstra Smart modem with the Telstra cable adapter the MAC address of the cable adapter has to be registered against your service. There is a label on the cable adapter with MAC address written on it. Before covid-19 cable activation could be contacted by calling 133933.


If you are experiencing drop outs that require a reboot of the gateway there might be a line fault. Replacing modem will not fix problem. Could you post the gateway's line stats these will give an indication of any line faults? The line stats are located here on gateway max. > Advanced > Broadband Connection > Connection Settings

Default Username/password: admin/password
You're looking for Frequencies, Power Levels, SNR, etc

Downstream between -15 to +15dBmV is good.
Closer to 0.0dBmV the better.

Upstream between +40dBmV to 54dBmV is good.
Closer to 40dBmV the better.

SNR +38dB and above is good.
40+dB the better.

Frequency 438000000 has been known to give the best signals and speed on the network.



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