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Telstra Tv Streaming Slowing Internet Extremely

When one of my family members streams shows on their telstra Tv our internet takes a huge dive in speed, My brother and i can both be gaming online and streaming youtube videos to our chromecast at the same time and not notice any problematic drops in internet speed, we can still usually play our games at 80ms, but the moment the other family member streams to the telstra tv we reach a ping of upto 2300 ms and games and other online activities become impossible, we have a dual band router which we play games and stuff on the lower hz channel and than the member streaming with the telstra tv streams on the 5hz channel. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem.


Edit: We are also unable to connect to the 5hz channel on our PCs which we game on as our network cards dont support connection to 5hz.

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Re: Telstra Tv Streaming Slowing Internet Extremely

 Due to the big screen and the higher speed of the 5 GHz WiFi band the Telstra TV will stream at a higher bit rate than your PC leaving lees available bandwidth for your games. Suggest you change to a lower quality settings in the app or apps used for streaming on the Telstra TV. If set to auto the streaming app will stream video at the highest quality possible for the screen and speed of the internet link.

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