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Telstra Velocity speeds

I planning to move to point cook where a I only have the option to connect to internet via Telstra Velocity. My job solely relies on internet. 


I was very surprised to see speeds plans 50/10 on FTTP.

I have seen max NBN on FTTC is 100Mbps

I have seen Opticomm on FTTP to be 600Mbps


Can anyone please confirm this is the situation? as I may not then move to that part of Point Cook?

And on the contrary NBN offers 100Mbps.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Velocity speeds

That is the situation until after Uniti Group - Opticomm (who own the Telstra Velocity network) completes the upgrades to the network in the 12 months commencing July 2022.

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Re: Telstra Velocity speeds

These low speeds are a shame in this day and age.


And July 2022 is not far though.


Fingers crossed

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