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Telstras NBN is worse than the old cable system

I once had a cable modem over the same line as my Foxtel , I could have 3 people in my house download large files no issues.


Then we get the best broadband in the world (sarcasm) now when one person downloads the internet almost stops working for everyone else. 


Telstra on sell NBN to us and when we have issues they want us to contact NBN


I have had enough of the long hours on the phone trying to get past the parrots they use to answer their phones and the way they treat their customers.


I pay for the fastest internet both up and down and it is more of a joke that a service


anyone else in the same boat , this is not good enough

I would like to start a class action against them for failure to deliver what they promise

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Re: Telstras NBN is worse than the old cable system

I just got NBN yesterday and the speed has halved! Tried to watch rugby on Kayo last night and all it did was show pixeled images and constantly buffer.

**bleep**ing joke

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Re: Telstras NBN is worse than the old cable system

You contacting nbnco isn’t going to help anything as nbnco don’t speak to the public at all. If you do call nbnco they will tell you to speak to Telstra’s tech support team if you have issues. 


Going from ‘100Mbps’ on Cable to NBN100 speed you will see a difference. In some cases cable would run up to around the 120 mark, whereas nbn will only ever max out at the listed speed, in my case it sits about 85 round the clock, which is only about 2/3rd the speed some people got on cable. 


Can you do a speed test, then if possible, plug a computer directly into the nbnco modem (bypassing the Telstra Smart modem or other router if you are using one) and do another Speedtest   

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Re: Telstras NBN is worse than the old cable system

I only have a Telstra smart modem


and speed does not have anything to do with the ability to do multiple downloads at once that is bandwidth , we are throttled so they can sell more "speed" to the unknowing masses

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