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Telstras typical slow ADSL 2 at Narangba

I have been with Telstra for many years at Narangba.  I signed up witjh Telstra for ADSL 2 quite some years ago.  I was toldl I would get up to 16,000 MBPS on ADSL 2.  Well it is slowing now to 2,000 3,000 MBPS when the kids go on line or on holidays.  Not their fault one bit.  I pay a preminun for ADSL with phone and T Box which Telstra have seen fit to end.

I have contiually contacted Telstra as to answers for the very slow snail like download upload speeds as the exhange is only 300 metres as the crow flys. I hve done everything  e.g. resetting another modem, you name it.  It is simply Telstra not upgrading Oakey Flat Exahnge and allowing customers like me to suffer. I have to put up with pathetic speed when I upload many images to the Discoverning ANZAC's National Archives websie.  I  have complained now to the Commonwealth Telecommunication Ombudsman. 


We also have a Telstra mobile service from which we have to hop out into the yard to receive or send.


I am sick of speaking to foreign voices on the help lines and very sick of Telstra. I put Telstra as being worse than TPG and Iprimus which make them real bad as they are the ones trying to make us believe they are a credible organisation. 

I am letting my fingers do the talking and looking at alternatives even OPTUS.

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Re: Telstras typical slow ADSL 2 at Narangba

I hear you, its just not fair but with the nbn you could get higher speeds.

Kudos and thanks welcomed

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstras typical slow ADSL 2 at Narangba

According to the NBN Rollout map, you should be getting FTTN coming available in the next couple of months, so your situation should improve.

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