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teltra tv box

why don't Telstra unlock the tetras tv box to any ISP

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Re: teltra tv box

Are you sure the Telstra TV is locked to Telstra? Mine isn't, I can use mine through an another providers home wireless broadband or even a non Telstra Broadband Wingle. Don't remember unlocking it ever.


Or do you mean unlocking some of the other Roku features or some other facility?

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Re: teltra tv box

@21FMpbLfp wrote:

why don't Telstra unlock the tetras tv box to any ISP

Hi @21FMpbLfp 


TelstraTV's are not locked to Telstra and can be used with any ISP.


The only thing, if using Telstra TV Box Office that will be metered data with any other ISP.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: teltra tv box

Telstra TV's are not locked to Telstra. They can be used with any RSP.

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