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TG800vac Parental Controls

Can anyone point me to a step-by-step instruction on using the parental controls, specifically enabling time-of-day access rules per device, for a Technicolor TG800vac modem, firmware v16.1


The interface seems very unintuitive or simply broken, and I am tearing my hair out with frustration...

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Re: TG800vac Parental Controls

Hello... *taps mic* ... is this thing on?

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Re: TG800vac Parental Controls

G'day SimonPeppercorn,


Did anyone ever get in touch?


If not this worked for me.


Log on to your TG800vac if necessary. Usual address is

Select Advanced from options toolbar at the top of the page.

Select Devices from the second row of boxes

Look for the name of the device you wish to block and make a note of it. Sometimes the names will be misleading and you will need to find the MAC address to identify what your looking for.

CLOSE the Devices view when ready.

Select Time of Day from the bottom row of boxes.

Select Add New Rule

In the "Hostname" enter the first letter of the name of the device you want to block. A menu of devices containing that letter will appear. Select the one you need. The MAC Address will be inserted.

In "Mode" select Allow or Block, depending on whether you want to block access at certain times or allow access at certain times. Both will work.

Set the Start and Finish times by rolling the weird clock thing and also AM/PM as required.

Select days of week to apply rule to. If you want every day you can leave this part blank.

Click the ADD button (small square blue button with a + on it) to add the rule. If you don't, your changes will not be saved.

Repeat the process for each device you wish to control. Make sure you check that MAC address to ensure you are on the right device.

CLOSE when you are finished and log off your modem.

Hope this helps.



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