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Thanks telstra for the 4G upgrade

My 3G mobile broadband USB devise stopped working after a year or so - I use it in a wifi router at home.


So off I go to the telstra shop to get another, only the 4G available now so I had to get that on another 12 months plan ....$$$$.


Quote telstra sales " yes it will work in the wifi router"  


Go home, set it up, plug the new 4G in the USB - doesn't work


Turns out the router I have is not compatible for nextG/4G........hhmmmm


Ok, easy, go and get another routed.........after 4 shops in Bendigo I can't get one   .....hhhmm


Finally get my hands on one........still doesn't work........eeeerrrrr


Seems that the problem is that I live in an area with 2G and 3G coverage and the router doesn't like 2G.....aaaaarrrrhhr


The problem is that the Telstra signal where I live switches between 2G/3G every 5 minutes........(it takes that long for the 4G devise to start up!!!))..........ggghhhhh 


It's been 4 months since I got the NEW FLASH 4G devise.....Spent $1300 + (including plan) .......


so thanks once again to telstra for looking after its existing customers.


oh, I could of got the Telstra 4G wifi thing they are promoting on the TV now for an extra $48 upfront. Now if I want to buy it I have to get another 12 month plan ($1200) or but it outright for $300+ .............extortion

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Re: Thanks telstra for the 4G upgrade

same thing happened with my security system.

it is designed to send MMS to my mobile. it uses 2G. 

since Telstra when to NextG it is worthless.

Only got it 16 months ago.


i've spent way too much time dealing with telstra performance issues - and upgrades that make good working hardware redundant.


another satisfied telstra customer.



Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Thanks telstra for the 4G upgrade

Hi Barks, 

Have you considered adding an antenna to the 4G modem? A Low Gain antenna is less than $30 and since you're obviously just on the cusp of 3G signal, a low gain antenna would strengthen it enough that it would no longer switch, so problem solved. 

Regarding the WiFi modem you see on TV, new or existing customers that take it up need a new 12 or 24 month contract, as you can't switch from a USB device to a WiFi modem on an existing service. 

However, at the same time, by taking up a 12 month contract you received the 4G USB modem for no cost. And it costs $300 if you want it without a new contract, so you did also receive a large benefit for the new contract.

Regarding our 2G network it's still available, and will continue to be available. 


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