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The great Telstra fraud? Unable to provision cable internet

On 23rd March I signed up to cable internet and order reference,but not ID ,received. This never progressed.


On April 1st I again signed up for cable internet this time in store.Contract and order ID received and was advised activation would be immediate. The faults team have since confirmed activation should have occurred April 1st 06:07 PM. Modem arrived on April 3rd but cable internet failed to activate and has remained on mobile backup ever since. Attempts to register the modem via per the setup guide also failed with error CCP0007.


On April 3rd, I contacted the help desk via chat in the Telstra 24/7 app (phone line not working) to advise I couldn't register/activate. They raised service request SR and promised this had been escalated and was being worked on.

Since this time I have followed up every day or 2 where I have been assured it has been escalated to the "back office" team and was being actively worked on. On Thursday 9th I was told it was almost complete and twice since have been told that they need 2 hours and then it will be solved.

On Thursday 16th I again followed up and at last had someone try and help. They attempted to call the back office team and/or have them call me but found even they were unable to contact them. They then passed me to the faults team who advised the order is stuck in provisioning but that the back office team appears to be entirely non functioning and therefore this can be resolved only when they are back working.They were unable to contact the team or confirm when this might happen so have essentially advised there is no longer any eta or expectation that the contracted service can be provided at all. They have completed a web form to try to get this to the BOH team but have no expectation that will get picked up so have suggested the only way to actually get this investigated is to raise this complaint form.

Having tried for 2 weeks to work through the support team, and have them apparently even unable to contact the required team, this does seem to be the only to at last get the service I have contracted for and for over 2 weeks not gotten (mobile backup is no better than my existing ADSL).


With the advice being that no-one in the back office team is working to push through provisioning, and no expectation they will start again soon, and a steadfast refusal to consider other options like cancelling and reordering if not a pervasive issue after 3 weeks I have nothing to show for hours of discussion repeatedly restating the situation to a perpetually rotating team of people on chat (the phone line just hangs up on you).


I was excited to get cable even though waiting a while would let me go onto NBN but now completely soured on Telstra and thinking to give up and go back to ADSL with my never had a problem in 15 years not Telstra provider.


I truly hope someone actions either the SR the help desk raised or the one raised when I filled in the complaint form (only suggested after 14 days of follow ups !!) and can resolve this.


If not, at what point does it become fraud that they continue to sell these plans in full knowledge they can't meet their contractual obligations. 


If anyone knows any other way to actually get in touch with someone who can help I would be very grateful. Otherwise I wonder how long I wait before raising to the ombudsman (failure to action), ACCC (fraud and misleading and deceptive conduct) and just cancelling everything and going onto the NBN in a week when it becomes available.


My ticket has apparently been prioritised, I feel for everyone waiting in a normal queue who are just told (as I was) to just wait another 5 business days and see if it (magically) gets resolved.


Fingers crossed.

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Re: The great Telstra fraud? Unable to provision cable internet

SR 1-2421261236831 and SR 1-2430625643563

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