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The only webpage I can get is netspace

Hi, Ive had adsl with Telstra for 12 months with no issues. I've recently moved house and transferred my Internet over. My modem is showing all green lights and it says on my computer that the Internet is connected, however when I click on safari the only web page that comes up is netspace saying I need to update my user and gives me a link to iinet to do so. I've updated my username through my bigpond modem. Telstra has said my line is connected fine but tried doing 'maintenance' on it. They also sent me out a new modem which I followed set up exactly and it still goes to netspace. It will only come up with bigpond in safari if I unplug the modem, and that's just to say its not connected. I've put my IP address into my browser to bring up my modem information and checked the connection of my Internet, it says the gateway is not connected. But when I go through diagnostic in my network settings it says everything is connected fine. I have also tried calling iinet to ask why my browser would be showing netspace with a link to their provider, but they couldn't do any line tests or anything.

no one seems to have any idea why this is happening, so any suggestions are much appreciated!

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Re: The only webpage I can get is netspace

The "Codes" applied to the line you are using for internet belong to Netspace (iiNet). Can you plug a phone into the same socket, and dial 127 22 123 and confirm that the number read back to you is the same number you should have at your new address.


If the numbers match up, then there is definately a fault, and you should report it ASAP to Bigpond on 133 933. Advise them that the codes aren't applied correctly, which may require a transfer to Activations to resolve.


If the number doesn't match up, then its likely that the move hasn't been correctly processed as the last occupant of the household hasn't disconnected their service. LiveChat should be able to chase this up for you.




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