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The Telstra Twilight Zone..






Your just about to move into your new home, that has been 20 months  build time , It is 3 level home with a river outlook  , and because the top floor  has the kitchen and family areas , a residential lift has been ordered , primarily   for lugging shopping from the Garage at the basement level to the top floor which is a third level . A Family of 6 people .


 We didn't actually ever  think about installing a lift ,rather we had enquired about installing a dumb waiter for such a purpose of transferring shopping from the garage up to the top floor , but the cost of a dumb waiter was $25,000 , where the company advised that for an extra $15,000 we could have a full residential lift , so it was a no-brainer that  our new three level home would have a residential lift .


The lift company advised that for them to be able to commission the lift , they required that a special telephone line be installed (and as required under statutory requirements concerning lifts), for them to be able to commission the lift


 On 27 June 2014 I rang Telstra to order "a telephone line"  for a "residential lift" .


The Telstra call centre operator advised me that as we were in an NBN area, we would be required to sign up for the NBN and proceeded to discuss various NBN broadband plans. we also talked about shifting our Foxtel across from our old residence to this new home , and so we signed up for a "Telstra bundle"


  The First available appointment was 21st of July , to which NBN technicians attended on this date, and the NBN was effectively connected via a fibre optic connection .   NBN technicians also advised that they could not provide the telephone line which was needed to be installed by Telstra technicians , and where the first available appointment was the 26 of July 2014.  This was fine as the lift commissioning engineers were due to attend the following day 27th of July 2014


Telstra technicians attended 26 July only to advise that they could not provide us the required telephone line as that SPECIAL telephone line that we ordered and was was required ,( the technical term being a UNI-V1 telephone line) had not been provisioned back at the exchange , and we had been gioven a normal UNI-D1 telephone line, which of course was not suitable for a residential lift as should the power fail, and someone was in the lift, they could not ring for  help with a UNI-D1 telephone line. 


This is a critical Safety Issue as is acknolewdged within the statutory requirements for lifts.


The Telstra technicians rang through to their people to advise of this predicament , and where advised the next available Telstra appointment was the 11th August 2014. Now thats back of the queue.


 Telstra technicians arrived on 11 August 2014 , only to advise that the UNI- V1 provisioning which was ordered and supposed to have  been done ,was still not provided , where technician also advised that he had seen this particular issue arise previously , warning me that he had seen things get pretty messy , where the only way to solve what he perceived would be a major issue for us, would be to cancel the whole service, and then start again from scratch, as his experience  was that it was not a simple thing to reprovision a UNI D1 telephone line back over to a UNI-V1 telephone line.


As it turns out this guy was the smartest p[erson in Telstra that I have dealt with , and I think over the past 2 months Ive dealt with maybe 100 different Telstra people.


 It is now 20 August 2014,  a whole month after the NBN installed their equipment, and after constant daily telephone calls ,  too many of which have run well over an hour ( the attached photo shows a screenshot of a  telephone call which ended up at two hours and 32 min )  and which I had to end prematurely to pick kids up from school


I have spoken possibly 20 , 30 , 40, 50 times to Telstra over the past month , ( OI have lost count) and Many of these phone calls had been transferred internally to up to 5 different persons on the same call , from as far as India , Philippines and Australia . It wouldnt be so bad if there were notes , but I had to explain the problem over and over and over and over .


 So up until now I have had four (4) Telstra NBN Case Managers, all of whom have been unable to provide me any  remedy to what should have been a simple request for a  UNI V1 telephone line.


 would you believe that I walk into the Telstra shop the other day , to query with the sales personnel the provisioning aspect of uni-V1 connections , the Telstra salesperson didn't have the faintest idea what I was talking about, although this uni-V1 connection issue is a common requirement , of course for persons with residential lifts , but also for monitored back to base alarms.


knowing what I know with respect to how much of a nightmare thatI am living the Telstra Twilight zone , I find it  quite disturbing that many people will continue to be caught up such a ridiculous scenario , when Telstra salespeople have no understanding of the problems that they may create by being ignorant of such important provisioning requirements for monitored alarms and residential lifts . I can only imagine that such ignorance may cause fatality one-day where a person with a life threatening illness may require a telephone line that will work during a power failure.


Are you hearing me Telstra!!!!  


 Last week I had Been led to believe that everything was ready and in order for Telstra technicians to csimply come out to my property and simply swap the cable over from the existing UNI D1 connection socket, and simply change  over to the UNI-V1 socket ( are about 6 inches away from each other) ,  and was advised that an appointment was made for the 15th August 2014 between the hours of  (8 am and 12 PM ) A four (4) hour block


 this for our block past no Telstra technician turning up for their appointment . Another appointment was scheduled for the 19th August between 8 AM and 12 PM ( another four  (4) hour block . No Telstra technician turned up for their appointment .


There was no telephone calls, no apology , no excuse, nothing but a total contempt for a loyal Telstra client , who has only ever use Telstra, who is an original Telstra shareholder ,


Telstra  has no accountability , there is no follow-up , only glossy TV and promotion ads that are grossly false given the experoience I am enduring at present.


 I rang my NBN Case manager yesterday ( several times ) did not get a callback . I subsequently lodged a complaint with the T I O (telecommunications industry ombudsman ) which has only served to delay any proceedings which may or may not have been in place to rectify what is a simple thing of getting a Telstra technician to swap over a patch cable .


tomorrow I will be Assigned a new NBN case manager that handles TIO complaints. I run three times today to try to speak to somebody but as I mentioned before, there is no accountability this certainly is no follow-up despite the many promises that somebody would call me back .


 Mr Telstra CEO, you do not deserve your multi-squillion dollar paycheque , when you oversee  and allow such incompetence and lack of customer service to be commonplace within the organisation that you oversee .


Too bad for those poor unfortunates who fall between the cracks in your system, that the problem just put them back at the end of the line the first available appointment.


Shame on you Telstra  

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: The Telstra "TWILIGHT ZONE'

I can see that this has been frustrating for you and I am sincerely sorry for the trouble getting this sorted out.


From what you have said, you have already escalated this further so it will be best handled by a case manager to ensure this is resolved.


If you have a reference number I can contact the case manager to get them in touch with you. However if you have not received a call yet, we will be in touch in due course.

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