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The worst company to deal with

2 years ago telstra installed cable to the whole of the breakfast point area I wanted it than and was one of the first to sign up for it Telstra cancelled my phone and net and on the day the cable was to be installed the technician said he couldn't until Telstra carries out additional work. After a lot of phone calls I gave up as I needed my internet so I cancelled and went back to my original provider.


So after 2 years I decided to give Telstra another go I checked telstras website and sure enough my house is listed as having cable. I called and spoke to telstra about my issues I have had with them before and made a complaint to which they responded and assured me that indeed cable was available and there is no charge to have installed. Telstra arranged a technician to come out on the 26th of September but on that day in the morning they called to say that they could not come. My wife had taken the day off just for this and so it was a wasted day. They rearrange for the 3rd October but this time when the technician came he said he could not do it as there was no cable connection. Once again my wife stayed home this is the 2nd time another wasted day.


I got a call today first from the telstra technician saying they will need to charge me around $1000 to have cable installed and when I called Bel from complaints she told me they made a mistake and that is what they need to charge me.


So 2 years later this has happened again I can not believe Telstra can treat customers like this, it would seen Telstra does not care one bit about customer service anymore it's all about greed. 


Don't put false advertising on your website, don't offer things you can't deliver on don't tell people to take time off work if you can't deliver. Stop with all the we care about our customers, I truly can not believe how I have been treat and stuffed around.


Thank you so much Telstra it has been such an unbelievable experience I will never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh by the way here is the email I got from Telstra re above issue.


Dear ###

Thank you for getting in touch with us on 20 September 2017 about a complaint relating to your Telstra account number <edited by moderator>

I’m sorry that you’ve experienced an issue with signing up on our Telstra services.

You were concerned that:

·         You have confirmed that a cable connection is available on your premise however Telstra was not able to provide you with the service.

I've confirmed that:

·         BREAKFAST POINT NSW 2137 is serviceable by Cable type of internet as indicated on our website and at the same on our serviceability tool.

We know you've been put out by this matter so we'd like to fix things by:

·         I have just noticed that you have already decided to cancel the request for the cable bundle here in Telstra. I understand if you ended up with this decision as I have reviewed what happened with the account.

·         Telstra was not able to connect the service due to issue with the lead-in and cablings and I was able to distinguish the lengthy time that took place.

·         What I can assure you now is that there will be no charges for this account. Again, I apologize for the experience that you had, we would love to have you as a customer but of course, you are free to choose your preferred network provider.

·         Please let me know it this requires further action otherwise we will be closing this complaint as dissatisfied as we are not able to give you a satisfactorily outcome.


If you’d like to talk more about this, please contact me on 1800 241 787 my PIN is <edited by moderator> or email ComplaintsResolutionCentre@team.telstra.com quoting your Telstra reference number. I'm available Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm (AEST/AEDST).

If we haven't heard from you by 05 October 2017 we’ll consider this matter to be closed without any acceptance or action taken related to the proposed resolution.

I hope to hear from you soon so we can quickly resolve this matter for you.


Best regards,

Complex Complaint Resolution Coordinator
XCo Escalation Complaints & Resolution
Telstra Corporation Limited

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