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This company is complete garbage

I've had 5-6 technicians (Telstra and NBN), 40-50 phone calls and still haven't had my dropout issue of 11 months fixed. My advice to you if you are having problems is to go to TPG, there is no way they can be as incompetent as Telstra.


- I've asked them 4 times to record a specific mobile number to call whenever they need to call me, each time they say they will make a note and either they never do or their system doesn't record it.

- Each time I call I have to explain my issue from the beginning as they have no idea what I'm talking about. I've only had one issue since Oct 2019 ever since the NBN was installed which is drop outs. I've had to explain this 50 times.

- The tickets normally last 24h which is ridiculous. I've probably had 50 tickets closed. If I don't call back within a day or two I get a text saying my issue has been fixed which of course it hasn't. I suspect this is just corruption - 50 tickets closed looks nice. Of course my issue hasn't been fixed once.

- Half the time the technicians don't call before reaching the premises.

- Telstra doesn't call back or they call back at a different time.

- I get reps hanging up on me

- Once I asked for a call back and was told I couldn't get one. Even after explaining I've had this problem for almost a year. Then I was told they could do it but they didn't think it was necessary. Cutting costs?

- I've had Telstra say there was a problem with the line and have had an NBN technician sent who said there was no problem. He simply reset the modem and went off. He said the line was fine. Problems persist.

- I've never seen an "outage" on the Tesltra outage page for the entire time I've had these dropouts.

- My Telstra modem (HFC) says in the booklet it can switch over seamlessly to the 4G mobile backup. It doesn't and never has. It drops out for 3-10 mins while switching over to the backup, then drops out for 3-10 mins when it switches back.

- The messaging service is completely useless as you probably know - 20 mins for a response.

- There are multiple customer service numbers to call which for some reason aren't listed on the Telstra site, one which that puts you straight to a consultant I got from the forum here.

- As you probably know Telstra is rejecting calls constantly after you follow the prompts for 3 minutes. They say something about prioritizing customers getting critical services connected.They turn you to the messaging service which of course is useless when the point of calling is to speak to someone.



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