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To the order/cable/activation team

OK, I am DONE with Telstra.


Let me write down my timeline for getting a cable Internet.


6 May - Placed cable Internet order, got order received email.


13 May - No any other follow up email received, contacted support via the app, they were saying the order isn't picked up by the System (?? system???). Start on it now, received the confirmation emails


20 May - No modem shipping notification still, asking the support, say covid delay, no eta


22 May - No shipping, no eta


23 May - No shipping, no eta


24 May - Surprisingly received the cable gateway + modem, cannot activate the gateway, order status "delivery - in progress"


26 May - asking support why cannot activate, they submit a ticket to speed up the order, order status "delivery - in progress"


28 May - Asking the support the progress, they lodged another INC ticket, order status "delivery - in progress"


30 May - Call tech support, providing mac address, say within 24 hours, order status "delivery - in progress"


3 June - Call tech support, submitted a ticket for the mac-address update, say 48 hours, order status "delivery - in progress"


9 June - Call tech/activation support, say still in progress of mac updating, 48 hours again, order status "delivery - in progress"


WTF??? I can see how messy the Telstra is, nobody is doing the right job. Even cannot get the order status right. I know the covid is slowing down the work, but it definitely not slow like this.


I'll wait until tomorrow, if nothing is done, I'll move all my entire family telstra service to another one. I can see how the support is going to be

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