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Tophat with available capacity - No new ADSL service



I recently moved into a new house, previous owners had ADSL2+ with Telstra. When I moved in, I connected my modem and saw ADSL sync at 16Mbps down /1Mbps up - I'm about 5k from the exchange, so that sync can only be from a Tophat


I applied for ADSL via Telstra, then noticed my sync disconnect. My ADSL order came back as rejected due to no ports available. If I check the Telstra Wholesale reports I can see 28 ports available on DSLAM ID: QKLGRE4017M which covers DA42 (where my house is located) KLGR-CA42-Map-KLGR-DA42.pdf


Is there anything I can do, it seems like there should be ports available..



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Re: Tophat with available capacity - No new ADSL service

PS.... my house is located in an estate that has a fair few stages covered by NBN, other new stages are getting NBN - but my house is an earlier stage that doesn't have NBN and there are no plans for it as fair as I can tell. Should I be suspicious that that Telstra are not activating ports due to the potential impact of NBN in the estate?

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Re: Tophat with available capacity - No new ADSL service

If you have placed an order and no ports are available that is the likely reason, there is no reason for a customer to be denied a port if the service is available.


No online reports about port availability are real time so you cannot rely on these as an absolute figure. Additionally, it is possible that your line is connected via different equipment to the one you suspect.

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