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Trouble connecting access point to NBN.

Installing a tp link eap225 to telstra smart modem (new one) . When I try to connect to the EAP via the app it says that I'm not connected to LAN . If I try to connect directly it says it can not obtain ip address. When connected up to "host" modem it does not seem to show the device as connected . Do I have to do something to allow the EAP on the network ? Any help is greatly appreciated. All wired up correctly with cat6.

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Re: Trouble connecting access point to NBN.

Hi - in case of an issue between the modem and the App, have you tried logging into the EAP225 with a web browser from your PC using the two ways depicted in the TP Link video - WiFi direct to EAP SSID or Wired through the modem connected by LAN-LAN cable to EAP then change the SSID &Password match the Telstra WiFi Network and then the Access User ID & Password.


Which modem are you using? The Arcadyan Gen 2 sometimes has a tendency not to show all devices after initial power up under Home/Devices and may require a Refresh on the page and the other area where devices are shown in LAN/Devices. Are you using the MAC address of the EAP to check if the name is not showing.


If all is cabled up not working, have you turned OFF the EAP and wait 2 minutes , then turn power ON to see if it gets an IP address. 

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