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Trying to get connected

I moved to a house in Earlwood  on the edge of the Cooks River in sydneys inner west about 3 weeks ago. I've tried so hard to get internet and have tried 6 Telcos, they alll say they can offer fast cable or NBN but then ring back after ive signed up and say they cant connect me. Long story short i'm signed up with telstra now on a foxtel / cable bundle they guy came last week and ran a cable from the street pole to my house which is down a long driveway( this seems to have been a big problem) and not street facing, and i now have foxtel but to get the internet connected is a nightmare AGAIN!

Ther apmt the day after foxtel install they didnt turn up , then rescheduled with support (with no explanation) for saturday(today) but noone turned up. Eventually after being left on the phone for over 20 minutes on hold twice and being hung up on once (AND NOT RANG BACK) i got put through to the activations team and they said that i can't be connected to cable because theres NBN in my street. THen i said ok so how do i get NBN because i'd already been told this and transferred to NBN sales or provisioning who then sent me back to telstra to talk to my 'case manager' that i didnt know i had and neither did the lady i was transferred back to. Anyway the guys reply to my question was that NBN are taking a very long time to connect people or to make it work. 

He then said that my case manager can make it all work and put through a new request and i need to talk to them on Monday am!!!


I'm pulling my hair out i run a business from home and internet is so important. I dont know what to do! He also said ADSL is always available BUT ADSL1 !!! OMG!


PLease any advice or help...

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Re: Trying to get connected

Hi TheAngus,


Sorry to hear about this experience. I recommend getting in touch with the NBN team on Monday morning for an update.


Please let me know how you go.



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