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Ultimate Cable installation delays and unreliable technicians

I ordered the Ultimate Cable Liberty 500GB plan from Telstra on the 19th of March and the consultant assured me that the installation would be completed by the technician on the 23rd of March. However the technician came on the day and told me that it would be delayed for another 3-4 weeks because apparently it requires an entire civil engineering team to dig up 5 metres of distance through my front yard to my room.


Due to work circumstances, I can't possibly wait 3-4 weeks for a stable Internet connection. I've called up Telstra and Bigpond Activation multiple times in the past few days and been put on hold for 20-30 minutes, only to be disconnected without a call back despite the consultant promising me that they would do so if I dropped out. (Ironically, I'm also using a Telstra mobile...)


I managed to get my hands on someone who could help me today but all he said was that he going send another technician on the 2nd of April. He assured with great certainty that the technician will be able to install the cable without any issues. I have my doubts though. For some reason I just think the same thing is going to happen and I'm going to get stuck in an endless recursive loop of complaints and hatred for Telstra.


Will this technician follow the same protocol as the previous one and make me wait 3 weeks for civil engos or will I actually be able to get my cable on time before I lose my job?


I'm getting impatient Telstra...

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Re: Ultimate Cable installation delays and unreliable technicians

Hi khanh2907,


Hmm, this is an interesting situation but I think I can help clarify.


Our phone staff do not have access to comprehensive information about where/how the service is going to be delivered. They check availability and if the system checks say proceed with an order, thats what we offer the customer.


When the technician attends the property, if (s)he is unable to complete the installation then the customer will be advised of what needs to happen. It sounds like the Cable is not physically connected to your home and trenching work plus installation of a conduit from the street are required to get the service connected. That being the case I do not believe that a second request for a technician visit or new orders will change the outcome for you.


If you need a faster connection time then I would suggest its time to consider alternative technologies. You could get a Mobile Broadband service or add extra data to your mobile phone to use in the interim until the service gets connected. Or, if your work is data intensive, get an ADSL service rather than Cable.

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