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Ultimate Cable Internet has a mind of its own, unstable!!!!

Ive just signed up for Ultimate Cable package had it for about 4 days now moved from TPG after about 5 years, and im not sure if it was the smartest choice i have made. 

Basically since day ive had problems with the speed and stability, i will get small periods where the internet will just fly at super speeds then i will get random cut outs and very slow internet speeds and pages wont load, i will need to refresh it a number of times before the page connects. 

After the second day of connecting the service , it dropped out and the connection status on the modem just flashes, so i left it till the next morning and was all ok, then when i tried at night i had very slow speeds again, called up Telstra support waited about 30mins and my connection was reset. It worked ok for about a day and now its back to its normal self where sometimes i get burst of speed and bursts of slow downs

I tried to call again but the wait till was too long, this is very frustrating considering my TPG adsl connection which onyl connected at 6Mb was way more responsive in general browsing and didnt have as much problem as this Telstra connection. I would expect this 'ultimate' cable to open pages even quicker yet I have to wait longer now than before

I also tested on a wireless connection and it has similar issues where it will work for a bit then stop 


Any suggestions on what to do.

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Re: Ultimate Cable Internet has a mind of its own, unstable!!!!

Assuming you have performed an isolation test (a single PC connected via Ethernet to the device, testing pages within the Telstra network) your next port of call would be to contact faults on 133 933 and lodge a fault.


You can also provide your modem stats for others here who can read them (sorry, cable isn't my thing).




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