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Ultimate not available in my area?

Hi Crowdsupport, 

I've just joined up and have an Elite cable internet connection. I was initially told this was not possible at my address and resorted to an ADSL package until I emailed some photos of the exisiting external Telstra Cable box and Telstra badged wall socket.  "Compuer says no" was pretty much the response. The Telstra website still lists my adress as ADSL only by the way.


I am now being told that Ultimate is not available in my area, of which I am understanably sceptical. Is there any way this could be tested and proof be provided to me? I run a business (video editing) from home and my needs seems to fall uncomfortably between Enterprise and Domestic. It seems the maximun feasible upload speeds are up to 2Mbps but not for me and not in this location. 


I had to resort to using a Telstra 4G Wi-Fi modem last weekend to upload a 20gb file. This cost over $300. It was fast but that is way too expensive to be sustainable. 


Is there any other option for someone like me who needs fast upload speeds? (10-20Mbps would kill it)


Thanks - Nick

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Ultimate not available in my area?

Hey nfojo,

I am also skeptical about Ultimate not being available to you there, since as far as I am aware Ultimate is available on all Cable services. I will send you a private message shortly so you can get me your details about this and I can follow up for you. If you need a business level service you may want to eventually change over to one of our Ethernet services, which have details here:

those services have the same upload and download speed, but as you can see cost more than our consumer grade offerings.


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