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Unable to get Broadband connected

I have just moved address from a capital city (Sydney) to a Regional City (Newcastle - outer area)


The property we have moved to (Lake Macquarie, NSW) which we rent - does not have access to a phone line.  We have had the moving team out to see if it can be connected 3 times but have been told now that we can't have it connected.  We don't need connection for a phone line - more for Broadband - and Wi-Fi.


We have been told that our best bet is to wait till early 2019 when the NBN will come through out area and Telstra will be responsible for making the NBN available for all household. (hope this is true).


So, for the time being we have a portable pocket Wi-Fi which we share data with (we have this with Telstra) to enable us to watch Netflix, and other general catch-up TV etc.


We have very limited data on this so have to watch our usage.   My question is.  Does Telstra offer some kind of extra data to long term customers such as myself (I have been a Telstra customer for around 7 years and now have both our household mobiles with Telstra as well as our pocket Wi-Fi (and previously our monthly post paid Broadband), just so we have a little more data to play around with.


I sort of don't understand how I can purchase a mobile phone plan with unlimited data but can't do that with the pocket wifi (and can get charged $10 per 1mb if I go over my $90 plan allowance).


Any recommendation (if any) would be appreciated.



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Re: Unable to get Broadband connected

Unfortunately if you're in a future NBN area with no current broadband options, then mobile broadband may be your only option unfortunately.

There are home mobile broadband services, with quotas up to 80GB per month available at

Unfortunately you are mistaken - there is no mobile phone plan with unlimited data from Telstra, so it stands there is also no unlimited mobile broadband plan.
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Re: Unable to get Broadband connected

Thank you. 


At least that makes it clearer in my mind.  I'll have a look at the link you sent.

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