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Unable to get Telstra connected - not happy about lack of service!

Hi everyone, I hope someone can suggest what to do next in my quest to switch from Optus to Telstra for home phone & cable broadband.  Sorry, but this is a tale of complete stuff ups with techs and I am not sure where to call next.  At each stage I have rung the 132200 number with varying degrees of assistance.

I had a functioning Telstra connection when I changed to Optus 4 years ago so figured it would be simple, how wrong could I be?

- a booking was made to have a tech come & install my new cable broadband;

- the tech came Monday 16/10 to connect the cable broadband - he couldn't do that because he couldn't find the existing Telstra line into the house.

- on Tuesday, Telstra took over my home phone (without checking the line) but as there wasn’t a line in I lost the home phone!

- another tech arrived Wednesday, but still wasn’t able to connect either my home phone or install the broadband cable

- I was told by an online person that a booking for Monday 22/10 was made as this was the earliest they could get someone out to fix the home phone line. 

- on visiting a Telstra shop, I was told there was no such booking in the system so a new one was made & an offer to divert my home phone to my mobile

- Tuesday 23/10, the home phone functional.  The line had been there all the time & was a simple connection!

- rang the 13 number again & 2 guys from civil arrived 24/10 (booking time window was incorrectly given to me).  The 2 guys wired up my electricity pole for an overhead cable connection but only seemed to put in a bit of conduit half way up the pole.

- yet another call made an arrangement for a tech to come this afternoon (27/10) – but he didn’t turn up & I received no phone call.  There was a storm coming but at least a call could have been made.


I am totally unhappy with the service I have received & but still want the fast broadband.  Any suggestions?


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Unable to get Telstra connected - not happy about lack of service!

Hi Scrapgecko,


I can certainly see that this has been a frustrating experience for you.


I will sent you a private message so that you can provide your details and we will keep you posted as we investigate this for you.


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