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Unable to request cable broadband

I am trying to apply for cable broadband because I am located too far from the adsl exchange tower to access a decent internet speed required for my home business. I have moved into a new house which was built on a subdivided piece of land and I have been told that I am unable to get cable. However, I know for a fact that my neighbour (built on the other half of the subdivided land) is using telstra cable internet. When I search for cable availability in my street, it also says it's available.

I told my situation to a rep in live chat three days ago who advised that they could get a technician sent out to check the property and confirm availability but I would need to put in an order for cable internet first. At the time, I wanted to think about it first and said I would contact telstra again when I was ready to sign up. I didn't save this chat as I thought it was quite a straight forward request.

Today I called broadband sales and when I told them my situation again I was told it was impossible to get cable. When I asked if a technician could be sent out to assess my situation the sales rep said they couldn't process my request so transferred me to a few departments. None of these were able to help me and the reason I received varied (I.e. The other property has taken my port, cable isn't serviced in my area, I can't get a commercial quote because I can't get cable). In the end I was told that I should go to a shop to request cable because reps at the phone centre had "limited" powers.

So I tried to use live chat to request cable again, since the first time I did it I was able to confirm that I could lodge a request. This time, however, they said they couldn't chat to me about it on live chat and that I would need to proceed over the phone. So, I received a call from the rep and explained my situation again. This time I was told it's impossible to put in a request for cable service form because some code was missing. The. The rep went into a speel about telstra adsl service eventhough I said several times I was not interested. I asked why I am not able to get a technician out when I was offered it last time and I was given a nonsensical response and then pushed to apply for adsl..

I would really appreciate it if I could get a clear and consistent response from someone in telstra whether it is possible to get a technician out to check whether cable is available on my property or whether I could get a commercial quote. I have read on the forums here that several people have been in the same situation as me and have been able to connect to cable after a technician visit.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Unable to request cable broadband

Hi Emarlion

Sorry for the run-around that you have had, in relation to trying to obtain a Cable service. 

The information I am providing in the link How To Check Cable Broadband Availability should assist you with understanding what is required. 

I understand, when you have contacted us, that there has been some reluctance to submit the Commercial Quote for you, if you can determine that there are other homes in your area that have a Cable Service, then your request is viable and the Commercial Quote form should be submitted.  

Kind Regards 


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