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Unanswered Complaints, Lack of Customer Service and Not meeting Service Standards

I hope someone from Telstra contacts me, because I am at my wits end here.
I have raised 2 complaints via the form, have had no answers. NOTHING!
My ADLS 2 is running at 1.6mbps to 4mbps, not enough for even the messaging app to work. And LOL that messaging app seems to be the only way to contact someone at this useless company.

I am about to go to the ombudsman as this is totally unacceptable.
I should not be charged for such poor internet service and such poor customer support when there are issues with said poor service!
Tech came out beginning of the week and found we were plugged into a faulty port at the exchange, still no fix on the speed after that was repaired.
Telstra app said we have been shaped due to a billing issue - when my accounts are fully paid up and I have never been latein making a payment!
Spend 4 hrs on the app last night with 1-3 mbps again, they cleared the lines.. Told us oh yes our account is all good they can see the payments, we run at 16mbps for a couple hours then back to rubbish of 1-3 mbps again??

What is going on?????
And again tonight speeds of 3mbps again, and I can't find anyone to help me.

If my internet was a physical item, I'd be returning it for a full refund as it does not deliver the promised performance or meet my families needs!

This is a pitiful, I am just horrified

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Re: Unanswered Complaints, Lack of Customer Service and Not meeting Service Standards

Are you sure you're in contract?

Telstra no longer uses contracts.

I believe your only commitment is if your modem is not fully paid for.

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I'm not a Telstra employee.
50 + years exp. in radio comms., eg mobile phones since 1963, two-way radios, base stations, antennas & pagers. Expert in current Telstra Go repeaters & smart antennas.
"Being 76 years of age, entitles one to be an expert at everything!!"
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Support Team

Re: Unanswered Complaints, Lack of Customer Service and Not meeting Service Standards

Hi EnragedKaren.


That's no good to hear. 


You said you have raised complaints about this issue. 

Do you have your complaint reference numbers so that I can follow up with your case manager please?

Regards - 


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