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Uncancelled internet service and unexplainable requests to pay the bill



After moving house I cancelled my home cable internet service which was linked to my mobile phone plan.  Recently I have been receiving calls from a private number stating that it is Telstra, and that I have an unpaid bill of hundreds of dollars.  This prompted me to have a look at my auto-debited Telstra bills, (Which say are paid in full) and I have noticed that I am still being charged for the cable connection which I cancelled.  My 'case worker' for Telstra has long since stopped responding.


1. What could cause the service to not be cancelled/disconnected after being told it would be?

2. How do I obtain a refund for the months of cable internet after the cancellation date for a house I no longer live in?

3. Why am I getting calls from a private number which is apparently Telstra saying I owe them hundreds of dollars, when my bills have been automatically paid in full since the beginning?


Potential solutions?


1st: Call centre

TLDR; No thanks

Calling the call centre means hours on hold, likely being disconnected and having to rejoin the queue.   If this was tried now, I'd imagine the delays would be tenfold due to the pandemic (Totally understandable). If you do get through, then you speak to someone who says they will do something, who then doesn't and on top of that does not even make a record of the call, which means you have to repeat the whole process to new person the next time.  You then may be lucky enough to be assigned a case worker, who briefly helps and then is constantly "away on holiday" or unresponsive for various other reasons, and then eventually stops responding to emails and calls entirely.   (This is the reason my business was forced to switch to a different ISP, and why I cancelled my Telstra internet to my new residence, again switching ISP - All besides the point, but apologies, just having a rant)


2nd: Online chat - this is inactive due to the pandemic which is most understandable. 


3rd: Email/call the two case workers I have been assigned on their direct emails and phone numbers? No, neither answer nor respond to emails.


4th: Request a call back.  This feature seems to be removed from the website, and even when it was there.....you wouldn't get a call back.


5th:  Remove auto-debit and stop paying the bills until an actual human being calls?  Seems to be the most efficient if not only effective solution.


I completely understand that the current climate means that Telstra's "customer support" is taking a big blow in staff numbers - but if there's no way to solve a customer's problems, could we at least pause the automated phone threats?  


Reading back, this became entirely a rant as there doesn't seem to be any viable or mature solutions. 


Cheers! Stay safe!

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Re: Uncancelled internet service and unexplainable requests to pay the bill

I tried using the web based chat which told me to use the chat in the My Telstra App on a mobile. I had more success with the My Telstra App.

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Re: Uncancelled internet service and unexplainable requests to pay the bill

Hi @elliottfromsyd


Thank you for your post and my apologies for any delays getting assistance. 
Unfortunately, no one on CrowdSupport has access to accounts to assist with billing enquiries.


The best way to get in touch right now is via the Get Help tab of the My Telstra App (blue chat icon, bottom right corner) 

Please ensure you have updated to the new My Telstra App as this functions differently to the previous Telstra 24x7 app.
Messages sent via the My Telstra app are being recieved and being responded to in order of urgency, there is a delay due to the impact of COVID-19 on our support teams. 


If you haven't already please send a message via the My Telstra App and one of the consultants will be in touch. 

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