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Unexplained High Broadband Data Usage

SInce connecting to the NBN (which we were told we had to do) our data usage has exploded, on paper at least but not in practice. There is only my husband and myself at home. We very rarely watch Netflix  or use any apps etc. We dont even know how to. We had a 50GB plan previously and barely used half of  that in a month and now we are supposedly using that much in less than 2 weeks despite not changing any of our habits. Its very frustrating and annoying. Am planning t change to another carrier with an  inexpensive unlimited plan  as soon as our contract is up

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Unexplained High Broadband Data Usage

The extra usage could be due to the higher speed of the NBN. When watching video streams such as Netflix most of the streaming services automatically adjust the quality of the video to suit the bandwidth. The same amount of video streamed at a higher quality will use more data. If using Netflix set it to to the lowest quality. The upload data usage is also effected if you make skype calls. Due to extra speed of connection video will be transmitted at a higher quality resulting in higher data usage per call.

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Re: Unexplained High Broadband Data Usage

k netflix is set to be used at 7 gig per hour.
quick fix is easy
connect on google netflix account
sign in
and under your account you will find usage set to auto.
change this to 0.7...
then aso while you are there change others also linked to your account and do the same press you account and others will pop up .
this will change to 0.7 gigs per hour so 1/10th of the usage.
if you use 0.3 the picture may be grainy ...

this will fix high data usage 

this does work enjoy and live life

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Re: Unexplained High Broadband Data Usage

high data usage is settings , telstra and netflix has failed to inform that netflix if you use with more than one device goes directly to hd mode which runs at 7gigs per hour. so 3 devices can make you use 21gigs per hour .. and can be changed by changing auto setting to 0.7gigs per hour in netflix account

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