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Unsure if the Telstra call is a hoax - relating to hacking of internet.

Hi there, 

I have had two calls from mobile numbers in the past month claiming to be a Telstra offshoot to assist with Internet being hacked.


Today I got as far as them wanting to remote access my personal laptop but I was not convinced that this was legitimate as every time I asked if they knew who I was, he just kept going on and ignoring it. He was really abrupt.


The one part that worries me is that when I did the Windows key and R and then typed netstat, there do seem to be about 80 foreign addresses connecting in. I am now worried, but am not convinced this is truly Telstra trying to help. And my internet is no longer with Telstra.


Any help is gratefully received.


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Re: Unsure if the Telstra call is a hoax - relating to hacking of internet.

100% scam (doesn't know who they are calling, wants remote access to computer, pushy scare tactics, not giving you option to call back, etc).


The foreign addresses netstat is showing include any website or online service you've recently accessed, I wouldn't worry about it. They show you something unfamiliar to scare you. I got a scam caller last week told me to run eventvwr and get worried about all the log entries (that I know are perfectly normal).


I know Telstra have called people in the past with compromised computers. But they would only suggest running an up to date virus scan, contacting a private tech or their platinum support. They're not going to spend time pushing for access to your computer. A legit caller should also be able to give you a reference number and allow you to contact telstra back via normal phone or messaging channels.

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Re: Unsure if the Telstra call is a hoax - relating to hacking of internet.


It's definitely a scam.

It would be wise for your peace of mind to run a security scan.

I have provided a link for Malware Malbytes which is compatible with Windows. It is one of the most respected security scan program, s and in fact Microsoft tech support recommend it for certain issues.

You can download it free, install it and use it for 30 days without a charge.

Merry Christmas.



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Re: Unsure if the Telstra call is a hoax - relating to hacking of internet.

Telstra have no staff to answer their call centre phones as evidenced by numerous complaints on this site; it is implausible they would ever proactively call you. If unsure, ask them to put any concerns in writing via post to your registered account/billing address then hang up.

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Support Team

Re: Unsure if the Telstra call is a hoax - relating to hacking of internet.

Hey @Starry17201


The calls you have received is definitely a scam. We are doing all we can to try and stop these scam artists but as the majority are from overseas, and we are not a law enforcement agency your best course of action is to use the support tools below:


We have a helpful forum page where you can view the active scams that we have been made aware of, you can view this here:


You can also report this to us here:


You can also lodge this via Scamwatch to see if it is a known scam:




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