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Upgrade Broadband Bundle

I am currently 12 months into a 24 month contract with Telstra Cable... when I signed up, I signed up to a Home Bundle - Medium, which included a home phone line (which I don't need and don't use - however there was no alternative, so we got it) and the 500g data I get with cable (and speed boosted).


We have recently moved home and have discovered we are using more data than before, basically either coming just under or over the limit each month. So, I decided to contact Telstra and enquire about upgrading my plan to the 'Large' bundle and was informed that the Large Bundle only comes with Foxtel (which I do not have, nor want). HOWEVER, when I look at the bundles offered on your online site, which are applicable to my address, I see a plan that is identical to mine, with the extra 500g (making it a total of 1000) for an extra $20 p/month.


Essentially, I am looking to upgrade my existing plan to the large plan, pay the extra $20 p/month, happy to resign for 24 months, however not be forced to pay additional resign fee's ($50 to lock myself in for an additional 12 months on my current plan) or be forced to add Foxtel to my plan.


Why is Telstra so rigid in its policy that it would penalize customers who are looking to spend more money and recommit for any additional contract (12 months in my case)?!?!? 

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Re: Upgrade Broadband Bundle

The early re-contracting fee of $50 has been in place for many years now, and is in the conditions of all plans, so shouldn't be a surprise (unless you are one of the 99% who don't bother to read a contract before they sign - naughty, naughty).


As far as being forced onto Foxtel, you don't have to take Foxtel. You are correct in that there are plans that do not include it, just remind the sales consultant of this and then ask to speak to their supervisor if they insist that you are wrong (then upgrade via My Account and take away the hassle of dealing with the consultant).

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